A floating dollar sign always displays to the left side of a cell, and the fixed dollar sign always displays immediately to the left of the first digit. The Cells command on the Format menu or the Format Cells se consigue más que . (you can accomplish more by doing than by saying.) command on the shortcut menu must be used to assign a fixed dollar sign. When the Currency Style button is used, Excel assigns a floating dollar sign that displays immediately to the left of the first digit.

When Point mode is used to enter a function, the arrow keys can be used to complete the entry. To select any cell, click the __________ located on the left side of the formula bar and enter the cell reference of the desired cell. In the AutoFormat dialog box shown in the accompanying figure, the __________ allows additional formats to be assigned as part of the selected customized format.

Move the mouse pointer up to the Formula Bar. You will see the pointer turn into a cursor. Move the cursor to the end of the abbreviation Tot and left click. Click the Save & Send button on the left side of the Backstage view.

To then move to the selected cell, press ALT + F6 to switch focus to the worksheet or press ESCAPE to close the dialog box. To move the existing cells, press SHIFT + F10 to open a context menu, then DOWN ARROW to “Insert Copied cells” and press ENTER. This opens the “Insert Paste” dialog box. In this dialog box, use the Arrow Keys to select whether the existing cells move down or right and then press ENTER.

Insert Date, Format Page Number, and Insert Auto Text are buttons on the______ toolbar. Sure and select the _____ option under the ‗save‘ Tab. 107.

120. 117. A – true (07Excl-2-24) If the Range Finder is used to change cells referenced in a formula, press the ENTER key to complete the edit. A – true (07Excl-1-19) When an arrow key is pressed to complete an entry in a cell, the adjacent cell in the direction of the arrow becomes the active cell. The Trace Dependents command on the Auditing submenu highlights the cells with formulas in the worksheet that reference the active cell. Once you have created a chart you can do several things to customize and modify the contents of the chart.

Charts group). You can turn off the Bold formatting for selected text by clicking the Roman button (Home tab

The block white plus sign will become black cross arrows . In the Style section of the Borders tab, left click the thickest line style . Click the down arrow to the right of the Borders button. Increase the height of Row 1 to 30 points. Once the row height is increased, all the text typed into the cell will be visible . Expand the row width of Column D to 10 characters.

B – false (07Excl-2-20) The MIN function is used to determine the highest number in a range. B – false (07Excl-1-53) Always press the SPACEBAR to clear a cell. D (07Excl-1-10) The active cell can be identified in all of the following ways except __________. If a workbook already has been saved, to save a workbook using a new name or on a different drive, __________.

This removes the data in the cell range. Press the DELETE key on your keyboard. This removes the contents of the cell. Activate the cell that is to be edited and press the F2 key on your keyboard. It is very important to proofread your worksheet carefully, especially when you have entered numbers. Transposing numbers when entering data manually into a worksheet is a common error.