A complete photo-realistic, hi-definition professional graphics package for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series created entirely from state-of-the-art photography. INCLUDES our NEW built-in Weather Engine and Flight Planner! The texture sets within Real Environment Xtreme™ coupled with the powerful NEW Weather Engine and Flight Planner provides for an exhilarating and realistic experience.

‘I just want to fly’ – Just as it says, this button will cause REX to load a flight plan and weather. REX can also install textures to suit the flight if you’d like. You have no idea what you’ll be doing in your flight, but you can change anything you’d like in the FSX menu before actually starting your flight.

The new REX2 weather engine now incorporates the facility to generate random weather scenarios. After entering the chosen airport it’s possible to select the season and severity of the randomly generated weather. The developer claims to have completely rewritten the code with an emphasis on ‘realism’.

Once you’ve picked your weather and flight plan, you can select the ‘Fly Now’ tab. Once in FSX you will still need to select your aircraft, location of flight and/or flight plan. Lastly, there are a number of sun and lighting effects. From here you can select which sun textures, flare, Lightning, Landing Lights, Aircraft Strobes, and Runway Lights you’d like to appear in the simulator.

Texture Direct has a large, easy to read user-interface, and texture installation is lightning fast! The user has the ability to select and install textures individually and/or create custom ‘themes’ to install a full suite of textures instantly. REX is a technologically & artistically advanced, hi-definition texture utility for the simulator pilot who requires a more advanced feature set. The bulk of the content has been produced from extremely hi-resolution film photography, NOT digital, with the upmost artistic attention to detail. More and more users are adding a thread how to install/reinstall REX. We know that it’s not always as you may suspected how to install REX and sometimes it can be quite complicated.

However, the highest resolution I selected is not to be seen in every theme. For one thing, only those themes which say ‘HD Enabled’ after them have high definition textures. High definition isn’t even necessarily 4096; technically, anything above 1024 is high definition, so there are also HD textures at a resolution of 2048. So, by the numbers alone, we can safely say that REX’s textures are a massive improvement on default, and the 4098 textures outclass most other payware add-ons alone. FS2004 Real Environment Professional, an extensive environment upgrade package. Includes new sun, aircraft spotlight, airport lights, Envmap, revised water textures, trees, runway textures, taxiway markings, sky/environment textures and more.

The water textures take the longest to download and so deselecting these options speeds things up significantly. With its powerful new weather engine; top quality texture sets and flight planner, REX provides an exciting and realistic experience to users. It took about two years of research and development to achieve the level of detail that exists in REX today. REX has won awards as the leading flight simulation add-on from numerous flight simulation publications.

Cabie is a multi-platform, multi-cm client/server based application providing both command line and web-based access to real time build monitoring, execution and deployment. We shall start by saying that this program is not suitable for anyone. Those of you with low-end systems should not, unfortunatly, use this software, since eso superb glyph of health it reduces performance. If you get around 50-60FPS you can allow it to yourself. You definitely need this box if you want to use your aviation headset on your PC. I think the converter adaptor has its own sound card inside so it delivers great quality audio to the headset, and allows the headset mic to work on your PC.

I did note that some of the more spectacular cloud themes can have certain disadvantages. When flying with stormy weather in some of the more dramatic themes intended for such weather, certain clouds can stand out very much. This is fine, of course, but when you fly past a striking thunderhead and then pass the exact same thing a moment later, you realize that all is not well. Most themes have enough fairly low-key clouds as to not merit ‘repeats’, though, and I have only experienced really obvious repeated clouds about twice.

This allows for many thousands of combinations, but certain themes work better with others. It is wise to select themes which both correspond to the sort of weather you’re expecting, otherwise some very unusual combinations occur. However, nature herself gives us some of these days just for kicks anyway, so I very much doubt that it’s possible to go really wrong.