At this point, I am going to save any in depth comments until after the season concludes, but suffice to say that I fear for a winning season, and six weeks ago I thought a plus .500 season was in the bag. In my write-up yesterday about our trip to Ocean City, I neglected to mention what was perhaps the highlight of the trip. After a hotly contested round of miniature golf on the Boardwalk, we approached the 19th hole wherein a hole-in-one would earn you a free round of golf. If you’ve played mini-golf in your life, you know that these things are set up so as to be nearly impossible to make, and I, predictably, failed miserably in my attempt. Marilyn, on the other hand, calmly set her ball down and rammed her putt up the three inch wide ramp and jammed it right into the hole. Sirens went off and and a ticket for a free round spit out of the machine.

Because of ineptitude from Anthony Alford and Dustin Fowler in center, Reynolds had to move over, and that’s created a carousel. Over this season, Ka’ai Tom, Philip Evans, Ben Gamel and Ildemaro Vargas have given it a go, which of the following things are generally true about alcohol advertisements: and none of them have been good. Hayes, recently back from injury, has only played five full games in 2021, but we saw enough of him in 2020 to know that he can be a star that leads the Pirates back to respectability.

Perhaps you noticed that The Grandstander has been inactive for the last several days. That is due to the fact that Marilyn and I took leave of the Home Base last week to celebrate our birthdays in the resort town of Ocean City, New Jersey. I first visited Ocean City in the Summer of 1971, and it was the site of many Sproule Family vacations into the early 1980’s. Marilyn and I made, as best as I can recollect, five trips to Ocean City early in our marriage, but we pretty much stopped going there when we began our annual trips to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our last visit there came in 1996, so when we decided to take this birthday jaunt to Ocean City, we were also taking trip into the past.

Before you get too excited about this, I started with $50 and left the table with $80. I only wish that I had the stones to start our with $500 and try to turn it into $800. SufferingPittFan, I don’t know much about the Beach Boys or this 409, but back when I was fostering my current Enragement, an uncleof mine hipped me to The Who’s Quadrophenia and the unreal track 515. Will the Post Gazette hold Smizik accountable for making that statement? Smizik simply keeps on grinding out blog posts that generate too many eye balls for the PG to pass up. @lawproff Two players, not one, required to challenge, Marvin.

This year’s rotation isn’t good, but I’d like to think it’s better than 2010. Brubaker is promising, and Anderson was excellent in the first month of the season, so there’s some potential. Stallings is a defensive-minded backstop who can hold his own with the bat. Through a limited sample in 2021, Stallings has an OPS+ of 110 and continues to do his thing behind the plate. For reference, the offensive-minded Doumit’s OPS+ in 2010 was 100. And, as Smizik wonders, is the Pirates payroll too low for a team making as much money as the Pirates are, accordng to Coonelly anyway, making?