However, it turns out that Marrybell intends to form Euro Britannia precisely from these conquered territories, which she will then rule over as her personal domain. The Panzer Hummel, Panzer Wespe and Panzer Grille Knightmares that the EU fielded in the original series are not in this story and are replaced with a new series of Knightmares, ones modeled after an all too certain Principality’s death mechs. Similarly, the Alexander from Akito the Exiled has been replaced with the Wolfen. The Vincent is named the Elyan and is Gino’s personal Knightmare. In R2, they were defeated by Britannia and lost most of their territory offscreen, and what measure of badassery they had was shown in Akito the Exiled, and even then it was from the point of view of the W-0 unit which was mostly made up of Japanese expatriates.

Following Charmelle’s example, some of Cornelia’s other selections have gone on to become actual characters in their own right. Schutenkin Gordiengo III was the pilot of the Brunor and a major opponent against Kallen, while Zectole Vignal Jr. was one of the Britannian survivors of the Devastation who ended up joining the Black Knights . Unfortunately, the latter would perish at the Battle of Xiaopei. Several characters commenting on their relationship acknowledge that despite their formerly close friendship, Suzaku is truly Lelouch’s greatest enemy. In fact, the narrative and the wiki seem to imply that they were destined to be enemies, regardless of whatever happened. At first, it appears it does not exist in this story and was replaced with Princess Marrybell’s push into Eurasia from the Far East.

According to the Britannian Imperial Family character page, V.V.’s real name is revealed to be Victor zi Britannia in extra materials. Here, he is Alwyn, the legendary founder of Britannia and the Eildons. The Lancelot Grail, Vincent Gram and Gekka Alonso from Oz The Reflection are named Urien, Constantine and Akizuki respectively.

Well, First of all this is an expanded version of my Garden Short/Ficlet Collection on FFN and is therefore similar to Cyclone’s Whirlwind Productions Thread just set aside only really for my shorts and such that are gathered together in one spot. Really the story behind this is that I couldn’t… With the recent reveal, a lot of things in the story change drastically. Namely, the inclusion of experimental technology on loan to Sawasaki by an unknown benefactor who is aware that Suzaku is the “Knight of Zero” — a title he gained in the original timeline and is working with V.V. After the author views the results of a poll asking if people liked his content , he’s decided to finish R-eset after it had been on hiatus for a very long time.

In short, while Britannia may have quelled a potential uprising to make a statement to the rest of the world in the short-term, they may have just created the instrument of their own defeat in the long-term. Their existence alone would prove to be the tipping point in the war against Britannia in Area 11. If Japan learned that there was a sole living heir, questionable his claim to the throne may be, Japan would still rally to this person’s side. On January 25, 2021, the author informed readers that he would be rewrite the entirety personal finance logansport indiana of R-eset, and as such, the current story would be discontinued. SkyRig has stated he is unsure when the new version of the story will be released due to focusing on real life obligations, but told his readers that it would be posted both on Fanfiction Dot Net and Sufficient Velocity. Orpheus explained to Lelouch, Chigusa, and Kallen the foundation of the Eildons and Britannia by Alwyn, the former as the undercover conspiracy it is today and the latter as the enforcer of the Eildons’ mission to completing Ragnarok.