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But if the clouds are playing ball, landing here means spectacular views of the Southern Alps. The left side should give you the best views of the mountains and the South Island’s coast unfolding ahead of you. The world’s largest Portuguese-speaking city, with a whopping population of 12.3 million, São Paulo can feel intimidatingly huge on the ground, but flying in is a different thing entirely.

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Reporting requirements that, as a general rule, apply to licensees affiliated with a carrier with market power in a country at the foreign end of the cable. Points within the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii or a territory or possession in which the cable is laid within international waters. Sit on the right of the plane and look north as you come into land at Sin City for spectacular views of the famous Strip. Make it an evening flight to see the neon lights at their finest, or fly in during the day for views of the never-ending Mojave desert surrounding it.

Like Genoa along the coast, and Santos Dumont in Rio, Nice’s airport is built on water, with the runway on reclaimed land. From the left hand side, you’ll likely glide past the Côte d’Azur coastline as you come in, while on the right you’ll see the glittering sea. Sitting on the left for take-off should net you views of Monaco, too. It’s best at take off, when the left side can often net you views of the city and Golden Gate Bridge before you bank east. On landing, either side should give you water views — with glimpses of the ocean to the left and the Bay Area to the right.