Cucumber is probably the last flavor you’d expect to find in a vape juice, but Vape Wild made it their mission to outperform the norm and offered a unique flavor profile with Stardust. Juicy melon, freshly cut mixed fruit, and calming cucumber came together to form a premium vape juice that was difficult to replicate. Our alternative also offers fresh cucumber and sweet melon, as well as tart lime for a cloud of fruit goodness you’ll constantly want to refill your tank with.

Shane Presser has been vaping since 2013, and has extensive experience with advanced equipment, coil builds and DIY mixing. He is the man behind VapersGarage, and also more recently Aussie Vape Stores, a resource to help vapers find their nearest Vape Shops, and eLiquid Vendors. Taking wild lettuce along with sedative medications might cause too much sleepiness. Applying wild lettuce directly to the skin can cause irritation.

However, a unique e-liquid requires an even more unique alternative, which is what our 75/25 VG/PG e-liquid offers. Their expert blend of tart cherry, tangy citrus, and soft raspberry kept your taste buds satisfied with delicious flavor, a flavor that will surely be missed. Our alternative offers many of the same flavors, in what we think is an excellent substitute. The iconic dimensions of human behavior person and environment 5th edition pdf fruit pairing of green kiwis and ripe strawberries in Vape Wild’s Kiwi Berry e-liquid made for some delicious fruit-infused clouds. The decision to discontinue this, and all, of their flavors, was undoubtedly a difficult one. However, our alternative combines the same two fruits that you love and blends them for a splash of sweet fruits that your taste buds will love.

If you know anything about the Burst Duo lineup, it’s their strong devotion to delivering fruit fruit that mimics the real thing. Warm summer strawberries and tart green kiwis join forces to create a flavor that will ruthlessly wash over your taste buds in thick clouds. The authentic flavor is what really sets Burst Duo apart from other kiwi strawberry flavored vape juices, and we think it’s a worthy substitute for the Vape Wild option. Vape Wild definitely seemed to have a penchant for blueberries in their e-liquid flavors, perhaps filling a void in the e-liquid market. Blue Harvest features plump blueberries and juicy watermelon swirled in a tangy lemonade that was undoubtedly enjoyed in the heat of the summer.

Electronic_Cigarette, a subreddit for discussing everything e-cigs and vaping including mods, tanks, juice, advocacy, methodology, safety, and current news. I have tried the s+c, blue harvest, Hannibal nectar, and apple and have liked them all. I’m going to go over the flavors I received and explain how they vaped. For when you want a premium juice with a flavor to match, but are on a budget. Our purpose is to help you feel solid when shopping online and give you access to helpful information for making smart purchasing decisions. The small size portable E-Liquid funnels provide a wonderful way to transfer your precious E-juices to small portable bottles.