In January 2020, Ahgren, among other Melee competitors and personalities, such as Mew2King and Plup, competed in an invitational tournament for Pokémon Sword and Shield by 2016 Pokémon World Champion, Wolfe Glick, where Ahgren finished first. Ahgren also won an invitational tournament organized by Americas Cardroom to crown the ‘King of Twitch Poker’, defeating Mang0 and Destiny in the process. LACS 3 took place on December 20-21, seeing Mang0 win 3-1 against iBDW in the grand finals, and raised over $261,668 for Gamers for Love. It was renamed Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2 when Ahgren re-announced it on June 30, 2020. The tournament was held on July and was won by Golden Guardians player Zain.

Most are pocket-sized so you can take them anywhere you go, unlike a desktop vaporizer which are larger in size. The technology inside the Caps of DynaVap dry herb vapes allow you to heat your device to the right temperature consistently without having to monitor the temperature setting. The risky option is to do whatever the fuck you want — smoke from an illegal place and talk all about it.

In this time, he discovered Call of Duty commentary channels like Hutch, SeaNanners and WoodysGamerTag, which had inspired him to make the YouTube channel “TheZanySidekick”, his first foray into content creation. “Vape Nation” is a satirical comedy sketch video produced by H3h3 Productions in which host Ethan Klein parodies the emerging subculture of vaping among stoners while visiting various locations in New York City. Upon its YouTube release in late March 2016, jokes and image macros featuring memorable quotes from the video began circulating on Reddit, Twitter and Tumblr. Basically, if you’re a pothead and cannabis is a part of your brand, go for it. But if weed is the kind of thing you only partake in once-in-a-while, it might be prudent to not explicitly do it on stream.

Tobacco use among children has been dropping steadily for close to four decades, until cigarette use among high school students jumped 1.6% from 2017 to 2018. It all comes down to viral marketing, the most viewed videos that appear when searching vaping were created in the past two years exactly when the vaping trend began to take off. A lot of social media personalities, whose main audience is teenagers, vape on-stream or make thelanding scl vaping content. Vape companies know this and have tried to make deals with gaming streamers whose main audience is teens, whether they vape regularly on stream or not. Two popular streamers, Gothalion and ProfessorBroman said on Twitter that vape companies contacted them about potentially promoting their products on stream. Both streamers are well known for being stand-up guys, and never would’ve taken such a deal.

This will help you avoid buildup from herb residue inside your device. Buildup can alter your vaping experience because it changes the flavor of the vapor and interferes with the heating elements. Treat it like a cup of coffee — it’s fun, but you don’t need to focus on it and talk about it over and over again. Twitch’s main rule seems to be that “drug use” (i.e. weed smoking, alcohol, etc) should not be the main focus of the stream. The common sense option is to only smoke weed if you are a resident of a legal state or country, and even then only when you are physically located in a legal area at that time.