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Sankshipta Shri Gurucharitra

According to Prof. R. C. Dhere, Dattatreya Yogi and Das Gosavi are the unique gurus in the Telugu Dattatreya custom. Prof. Rao states that Dattatreya Shatakamu was written by Paramanandateertha who’s equally essential in his contributions to the Telugu custom…


Prime 10 Highest Paid Tamil Actors

They have been extremely stylised and nature of the spectacle was one which might appeal to the individuals. Along with this, music and dance were one of the primary entertainment sources. Fascinated by this new leisure form, an automobile dealer…


Triangle Similarity

Alonso walked along with his friend andy one day, and wanted to check armor blitz relationship their speeds. Alonso walked 3 miles in one hour, and andy walked 2 miles in 2 hours. Complete the desk to graph t… Which…