Sometimes it is the Saudi girls themselves going about with heads uncovered and I count myself one of them. The hoopla over Michelle Obama’s lack of headscarf during her recent visit to Saudi Arabia has had me sighing yet again. There is hardly a day when I don’t read the newspapers and sigh, shaking my head at this or that. As someone who has come to party politics rather late in life, I have never felt that belonging to or supporting a particular party was part of my identity.

I had stayed up all the previous evening thinking about this glorious new century we were entering and how I would mark its beginning. I started thinking about the dratted headscarf and questioning why I wore it. It was certainly not from religious conviction – it should be obvious by now that I am one of the non-hijab wearing types of Muslims. I concluded there was no compulsion to wear a headscarf, no muttawa to frighten me and that I was just wearing it out of habit.

The game involves a few rules, one of which says that you can only kill one man at a time. So as the game progresses, all of your friends get picked off one by one. Lacey dies, and once Frank is taken, you have to do the same. So you end up killing Jeff, and then Frank, and then Lacey.

They have a right to be “not happy”, believe me. You only have to look at their Facebook page to note of the prominence of these three. Some time ago, I print-screened some pictures of their memes and the comments on there. which salts will be more soluble in an acidic solution than in pure water? Time has passed, and the style/content of the memes is still the same. In a sense, they repeat the same messages over and over again, recycling them eternally but rephrasing them to make them seem new and different.

To whip impressionable men with questionable pasts into a vengeful frenzy was easy enough to do. The calculating minds behind such a plan would surely predict the reaction to such an attack. Yet more cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammad, yet more backlash against the Muslim population, yet more impressionable recruits. By publishing this week’s cover with prophet Mohammad wearing a shirt saying “Je suis Charlie”, the magazine played into Al Qaeda’s hands, doing exactly what it wants it to do. These are cynical, ruthless and power hungry men for whom religion is a convenient tool for brainwashing their drones. By all accounts the Paris gunmen weren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

There is something pleasant and calming about meeting other people who have similar world-views to you. There are no culture-clashes and instead there is a shared identity. Patriots assume that everyone should be patriotic, and that opposing beliefs don’t oppose their ideology but oppose them on a personal level. In this sense, whilst one can draw a distinction between one’s personality and one’s ideological world views, the borders between the two are blurred when it comes to patriotism. However, it soon became apparent that finding a nuanced picture to represent patriotism disputes the very point of patriotism. Patriotism is an ideology outside of rationality.

Each value in this chart is equal to the Average Engagement Rate of the account in that specific day. Add this page to your browser favorites for a quick future reference, or register to add it to your account favorites. Your posts can do even better if you put in some effort to increase engagement. That’s why some of the members are here with me today, to talk to people here about how we can do something very special in Britain to make sure that no generation ever forgets the lessons of the Holocaust.

So we come to Charlie Hebdo, which published cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammad in a manner that many people (both Muslims and non-Muslims) found offensive. With a mere readership of 60,000 this publication caused ripples rather than tidal waves. It did not spur imams throughout the country’s mosques to incite their congregation into murderous retaliation. However, for Al Qaeda here was an opportunity to put themselves back into the spotlight again.