“How was your appointment?” You asked, shivering in the cold air. You rubbed your palms together, bringing your jacket closer to your chest, huffing the cold air. Ever since he had started filming Cherry, he had been away from you. And now that you were finally here, he had been all over you, making love to every inch of your skin, like it was a holy grail he had to find, caressing your warm skin under his fingers making you shiver as his nimble fingers wandered. It was the intimacy, sexual and quasi-sexual, that made you realise, that there was something wrong. You sat stoically, one leg swung over the other, your feet perched up on the table.

She looked him in the eyes with a knowing glint, because of course she knew everything, she was a superspy/assassin after all. “Told you not to call me that, not gonna steal anything tonight?” He said, voice muffled by his mask. Even with the mask on, his voice was husky, the usual falsetto gone as he stood up, holding your waist in a tight grip, bringing you closer so that your chests were touching flush against the other. A moment of silence, one that felt like a knife slicing through your chest was all it took for the dam to break. Getting up, body exposed under the thin moonlight coming through the curtains of the ten, you curled up in a tight ball, flinching when you felt his arms encircling your body, mouth close to your ears enough to feel his hot breath on your skin.

Throwing away the butt in an ashtray, he tried to speak, but no words came out. He stuttered a small smile, looking at your bright eyes as you said something. It felt like he was in a parallel universe filled with coincidences, flashbacks of his old house back in Ohio, his daddy sitting on a ratty stool as he talked about his mama . Because in front of him was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He remembered his daddy telling him how he met his mother in a diner in a small town, just like the one Arvin was in right now.

It took everything in him to not suck the blood, and then it clicked. Apparently it was obvious as to what he was thinking because your eyes widened as you held his cheek, shaking your head frantically. You looked at him, properly meeting his eyes and gave a taut nod. You couldn’t get yourself to talk right now, knowing how selfish you might sound if he heard you talk about mortal life. Clearing his throat, he shook his head, looking at Natasha with a smirk.

You felt your own heart clench at the sight that was Peter Parker. You felt anger boil inside you, anger at how gullible and incredibly stupid the world was that they would believe that Peter Parker was a murderer. ” Peter wheezed, one wrong step away from blacking out as three pairs of hands stabilized him before he could. He could smell the distinct smell of the penthouse’s elevator, FRIDAY’s soft Irish voice alerting them of their arrival at the floor. Panting from the tedious session of sparring with Natasha, Peter bent on his knees to catch a breath, sweat dripping down his back and chest as he scrunched his eyes as he saw her smirking figure looming in front of him. He was enhanced and yet she hadn’t broken a sweat.

“Oh Tony wants to meet you by the way.” He said suddenly, making you groan and fall back dramatically. “Wow you’re- you’re amazing. God I’ve- I understand why people like being on the receiving end of the job right now.” “Already wet for me eh?” He whispered, nibbling at the use of prisoners in research is a concern under the belmont principle of justice because: your ear as he slid his length into You, “Fuck baby such a tight pussy.” “Oh that’s good, which experiment were you- Uh, what are you doing?” He asked, his voice rising an octave as he saw you unbuttoning your shirt, moving your fingers in slow motion as if to tease him.