The main benefits of using Al Nowras Air Freight in the UAE are competitive rates, excellent service, and competitive pricing. It’s easy to see why so many customers choose this company over others, so we’ve listed some of the most important features below. Read on to find out more. We’ve also provided additional resources to help you choose the best air freight service for your specific needs. In addition to competitive pricing, we offer customs clearance, transportation, and spare parts.

Customs clearance

As a leading logistics provider in the UAE and the GCC region, Al Nowras specializes in shipping and customs clearance. With extensive contacts throughout the Sultanate, they are well-placed to handle all aspects of business air freight. Al Nowras prides itself on superior customer service. Their dedicated team of account managers is on hand round the clock to ensure your needs are met.

As a dependable partner for air and sea freight, Al Nowras Transport & Custom Clearance offers comprehensive solutions to suit any type of business. With offices in Salalah, Wadi Al Jizzi, Khatmat Malha, and Dubai, the company provides everything from basic shipping and customs clearance to comprehensive global transportation and supply chain management. Their dedicated staff is available around the clock to assist you with your air freight needs and any customs clearance concerns you may have.


If you’re looking for reliable and affordable air freight services, consider Al Nowras Air Freight in the UAE. This company specializes in shipping and customs clearance, and has extensive contacts throughout the Sultanate. Its team of dedicated account managers will help you find the best solution for your needs, and it’s known for its excellent customer service. Al Nowras also offers competitive quotes and a wide range of routes to choose from.

Al Nowras Logistics Solutions is one of the leading logistics firms in the GCC. They offer shipping, custom clearance, and other services to clients from across the region. They offer a 24-hour customer support line and have developed long-standing relationships with leading companies. In addition to providing reliable air freight and logistics services, Al Nowras provides excellent customer service, including round-the-clock customer support.

Spare parts

If you are looking to ship spare parts to UAE, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at AL Nowras are able to help you with shipping, customs clearance, and other logistical services. These professionals also have extensive contacts throughout the Sultanate. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service and has gained the trust of many clients. They offer competitive quotes and 24 hour customer support.

With over two decades in the logistics business, Al Nowras Air Freight is a trusted partner to a variety of clients in the region. Whether you’re in need of airplane parts or spare parts for a factory, Al Nowras can meet your needs. They are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support, which is why they offer 24-hour support and have a highly responsive team.

Competitive pricing

The company provides custom clearance, warehousing, and customized shipping solutions for businesses and consumers in the UAE and GCC. With a 15-year history and a network of long-standing partnerships, Al Nowras has the knowledge and experience to handle your air and sea freight needs. With a dedicated customer service team and an efficient fleet of vehicles, you can expect to receive your shipment on time.

AL Nowras Logistics is the leading logistics provider in the UAE and GCC region, offering comprehensive air and sea freight services and a TECH stack based on transparency. With a 24-hour customer support team and dedicated account managers, the company provides fast and reliable service. With competitive pricing, they have a solid reputation for reliability and excellent service. They offer specialized services and strive to exceed customer expectations.


For years, Oman’s air cargo sector has been a reliable source of supplies and cargo. With a strategic location between Muscat and Salalah, two-thirds of the world’s population lives within eight hours’ flight. With ambitious growth plans, Oman is an excellent location to deliver air cargo to key markets. Al Nowras Air Freight has the experience and expertise to cater to niche markets, as well as key market sectors.

Al Nowras Transport & Customs Clearance, with four office locations throughout the Sultanate, provides both sea and air shipping services. Its experts provide exemplary service and reliable prices to meet any logistical requirement. Their staff is highly knowledgeable in all aspects of air and sea transport, and provides door-to-door service. Its reliable service is built on a global network of contacts.