We believe that all people should strive to live pain-free, healthy, and well-rounded lives. We believe that fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness are nature’s “medicine” and can lead to a higher quality of life for all. We believe in the pitch letter names correspond to redefining what “fitness” means for the everyday individual and we strive to lead individuals of all fitness levels towards a healthier lifestyle. Lynx fitness board offers more movement control than the Lynx Fitness travel board.

Hands are about shoulder width apart, positioned flat on the slide board. Your arms are straight with the shoulders located directly over the hands. Perform a circular motion with one hand while the other hand remains stable. Continue these arm movements for 10 seconds, then change arms. The exercise is terminated once you are unable to maintain your spinal stabilization.

A barebones keyboard kit with a premium price, the Glorious GMMK Pro has lots of high-end features, but awful stabilizers make it a hard sell. Merchant lynx services sale rep paul patterson in annapolis maryland, promises great customer service and lower overall rates all rates all backed by the good name of wells fargo. After you sign, he disappears and his business phone number is no longer active. Paul came to my beauty spa and made great promises that… I then got an email from ben stating that we were in the situation because we made fraudulent unauthorized transaction.

The front of the board has some deck bungee cord for securing some cargo like a small cooler or PFD. At 10 feet long, there is even room for Fido or Fluffy to hop on board for a ride. The SereneLife is pretty close to the performance of the epoxy SUPs on our list. It is a bit narrower at 30″ so it’s faster than the typical 32″-33″ SUPs.

We would like them to stop taking our money and return our money. Jeff gates, general manager for merchant lynx breezed in one day telling me all the money he could save me and it has been nothing but a nightmare since! My poor little business was suffering and now we may have to close because they keep debiting fees out of my account. There are various types of balancing boards that you can find in the market.

A sphere and ring board is a combination of a rocker-roller and wobble board. It consists of a flat board with a small raised ring on the bottom. The board then gets placed on an inflatable ball that moves within the confines of the ring. These boards are extremely challenging to use as they require a high level of balance and focus. If you have excellent balance, then this board is for you. Rocker-roller boards are an upgraded version of the rocker boards and can be extremely difficult to use.

The limited range of motion makes rocker boards the most accessible type of balance board to use. They’re a great option for beginners, children, or those with mobility concerns. Some rocker boards come in a curved shape for a bit of added difficulty.