Head to the movies for a relaxing and enjoyable girls night idea. Choose a fun chick flick, an action movie or whatever else the girls agree on. Buy some candy and popcorn and get lost in a great movie, together. Everyone brings a favorite dish to share with their gals on this culinary-inspired girls night.

If you’re an NYC local, you already know that Broadway can’t be beat; but off-broadway shows have just as much charm and entertainment value. If you start a book club, you have an excuse to make girls night a regular event. Pick a book you’re all excited to read, and then mark a date on the calendar to chat about the book, sip wine or coffee, and snack on a few goodies.

Also, nothing makes me feel more like an adult lady than telling the bartender to “surprise me.” Is there a woman in your church that would be willing to reveal the secrets to a beloved recipe? Or maybe one of your women can give a lesson on canning, baking bread, or making a pie crust. If possible, recruit a woman in your church to give a drawing or painting lesson.

For a really fun girls night idea, set up a DIY mimosa bar. Visit a make-your-own pottery studio to learn some art skills while bonding with your girlfriends. Go home with fond memories and your pottery treasure. If your girlfriends prefer eating great food over making it, treat them to an incredible private chef experience.

To cut down on guests milling around, decide what games you will play ahead of time. To help make your decision, send out a survey in advance asking participants to nominate games they would like to play. A game based on chance, Exploding Kittens is a virtual game night app. Players must diffuse exploding kittens or be kicked conan exiles star metal out of the game. Since this game does not rely on strategy and is easy to understand, most playersExploding Kittens’s low barrier to entry means that anyone can learn it quickly. You may have heard recently that Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar played Among Us as part of their voter outreach campaign.

Make sure you’ve rounded up all of the person-of-honor’s pals to participate (unless it’s a surprise party, you might want to have them check the guest list). Invite everyone to share memories and photos of them from the location the person is leaving. And of course, remind everyone that someday—hopefully soon! —you’ll be able to reunite in person, wherever your pal is headed off to. Book Club with a Twist – The original girls night!

Next, switch to the other side of your head and create an identical twist, only this time pinning on the side where your first twist was created. Repeat these back and forth twists two more times. OK, so the skeleton braid may take some practice, but that’s what friends are for.

Each player makes up fake answers to real trivia questions, and it’s your job to find out the real answer. You’ll be able to play over your phone for this one, so don’t worry if your Zoom connection is lacking. It’s everything you love about the game Scattergories, but online! Set up your game by choosing from topics likeTV shows, things that can found in a desk, or even pizza toppings (can you tell I’m hungry?).

Head to your favorite boutiques and swap opinions on the latest clothes, jewelry or home goods, if that’s your thing. Even window shopping is fun if you’re with your girls. Grab a card game like this one that you can play with your friends and put the necessary pieces in your care package. You can hold onto the rest of the cards and read off the questions as the host, but this way everyone will be able to participate. Jackbox Games, the heroes of social distancing party games and creators of the virtual party pack, have recreated their virtual gaming success again with Drawful 2. For your virtual game night, play the high-stakes game of catching a killer.

If they have a signature style , you can encourage all attendees to dress like them, or send out a Zoom background with their face on it in advance for everyone to use. Ourretirement party invitationswill help you get the group together for the celebrations. Gather your girls for a night of board games, party snacks and a little competition! Keep things interesting by rotating games frequently, or take this as the opportunity to pull out a game that requires a longer time investment.