My family did a virtual meet & greet since we couldn’t have our family reunion this year and this scavenger hunt was a HUGE SUCCESS!!! Everyone had a blast and it was hilarious seeing how competitive they were. Definitely using it again with a different group. I am going to use the scavenger hunt with my virtual students as a “last day of school party”. 2 – Have a screen that’s dedicated to showing the scorecard and a digital timer if at all possible. People want to see the score and they’ll need to see the time, ideally.

Another option is to have guests buy their gift and reveal it during the party. With this option, the guests will mail their gifts after the celebration. Set a schedule for your party is super important, especially if there’s a time limit on your chosen digital platform. We recommend making a list of what you want to do at the celebration in order of importance.

I really enjoyed doing this one from Etsy at a recent baby shower. Guests have to run around their house finding objects and they get points for what they manage to collect. You can either email them the cards and information or print them yourself and deliver them if possible. Maybe you can provide food and cake to all your guests but you can still make sure they have fun. Written by Brittney Winters-Gullo, who loves a good virtual background to spice up a video chat celebration. Decide on your “venue”, like Facebook event, Zoom, or other online meeting platform.

Or, you could just as simply send an email to everyone with the event link. She is a mom to two fiercely independent, fun-loving girls and wife to a man who helps her find balance in life. Jessica is an avid runner, consumer of really great cups of coffee, and enjoys adventuring off the beaten path whenever possible. Family is number one to Jessica and is what makes living this crazy, hectic, beautiful life worthwhile. Charades is a game that is filled with hilarity. At the end of the game, you can wow enjoy announcing the winner and revealing the fun prize you have picked out for them.

This works best if you have a smaller numbers of groups playing because it can get a bit cumbersome to keep track of individual scores for more than 10 teams. No using phones for answers slide rails skateboard (i.e., you can’t look up a picture of a Tom Hanks movie on your phone). Get everyone on the call and make sure they all have audio and video working properly before you start.